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About Us

Omid-Negar international research association is developed involving a range of scholars from Middle East top universities. The main aim of this association is to develop numerical modeling in a variety of civil engineering requirements such as drawing the construction details, simulation of computational fluid dynamics, and holding innovative conferences with civil engineering related topics.


Theme of Conferences

The scientific conferences arranged by us is mainly related to applicable topics which are really essential and vital for civil engineering sub-disciplines. Some of the conferences are related to water and environmental engineering and some of the applicable structural issues are also investigated in the scientific conferences. The main topics and scientific axes of the conferences are categorized as follow:

  • Water Engineering
  • Water Innovations and Modeling
  • Numerical Methods in Fluids
  • Numerical Methods is Structure-Water Interactions
  • Water Economic
  • Water Management
  • Water Quality Modeling


Scientific Committees

The main faculty members in the top 1000 universities along the world are selected as scientific committee of the conferences. To investigate the issues in an international pattern, the conferences venues are selected worldwide to be able to involve and seeking new challenges all around the east and west top universities.




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International Symposium in Natural Resources Management
May, 5-6, 2018, BOKU University Conference Hall, Vienna, Austria

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International Conference of Water Quality Modeling and Measurements,
July, 25-27, 2018, IIT, Madras, India.

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International Conference on Eurasian Issues in Water Engineering
Feb., 3-5, 2018, Universidade do Algarve, Portugal