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نرم افزار ترسیم سازه بتنی امید نگار


Omid Negar Software Group consists of experts and specialists in Civil and Structural field with ability to develop softwares which concentrates their professional work on developing computer softwares since 2004. Design experiences and performing various types of concrete structures by group members and gradual development of Omid Negar software as the basic and main product of this group, leads this software to have higher quality comparing with similar products. 

Generating structural drawings in more than tens urban and industrial projects and considering shop needs in structural drawings, more adapting the drawings applicative to construction procedure and calibrating the software products in real projects, doing debugging procedures using concrete structures with complicating plans and finally fixing the software, reliance on software independency in making products and begin to end software development with independence coding and refusing to copying or repeating are the main concerns of Omid Negar Software Group in last decade.

Customer service is the main responsibility of Omid Negar Software Group.