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Enjoy the New Version of OmidNegar, Obeying all Users’ Requests, Covering Updated Codes

We are outstanding, because continuously care about feedbacks and considering all technical comments received from OmidNegar users. We are in a perpetual obligation to protect OmidNegar users’ convenience and appreciate their loyalty.

Passing about 7 months from release of previous version, you can find the new one which will really stimulate all of users to update their engineering drawings considering recent codes and standards unerringly. Moreover, new version of OmidNegar will satisfy the users with more sophisticated drawings. Some of the especial abilities in 2.01.43 version is listed as follow. 

Shiny future is achievable, only if we can strive to save our pleasant reputation and to carry out whatever the users want. This is our commitment, and our honor.


  • Added 180° bend and Headed reinforcement for beams main and additional bars
  • 3D drafting of entire structure
  • Compatibility with latest versions of SAP2000 and ETABS2000
  • Re-programming of drafting the columns longitudinal bars. From now selecting the type of splice at each story is added.
  • Ability for Filtering the errors for easy finding specific errors and warnings
  • Option for choosing the mechanical splice type I & II is added
  • Ability for Auto Re-label for beams, columns and walls is added (This option is only available in Advanced module)
  • Option for separating the Longitudinal and transverse reinforcement in bar bending schedule (This option is only available in Advanced module)
  • Added center allignment in Output Sheets ribbon
  • Ability for defining 2bar-bundle in beams
  • Ability for defining fc for each story separately (This option is only available in Advanced module)
  • Ability for defining the beams sides length for transverse reinforcement (2H + x)
  • Ability for drawing 2 different sections for columns which sides and center areas have different properties


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